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Car Insurance

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need in Georgia?

Consider your individual needs when choosing the right coverage. Answer these questions: How much can you afford to pay out of pocket? Do you make payments on the car? Are there any drivers in your house that can be excluded from the coverage? The answers should guide your choice of car insurance coverage.

What Insurance Policy Should I Get in Georgia?

While getting your online quote, you will select coverage options. If you’re unsure about what optional coverages to select, call 877-831-4677 to speak directly with a representative who can answer your questions.

What if I Have a Question About Coverages During my Quote?

If you’re getting an online quote and need assistance, call 877-831-4677

What Happens to my Car Insurance if I Move?

There are several different ways you can notify Southern Harvest or your insurance carrier that you are moving:

Notify your insurance company directly: Call your insurance company directly or mark the new address on your bill, and the insurance company will make the change.

Call us or visit your local Southern Harvest insurance center: Reach our customer service representatives at 877-831-4677 or find your local office and fill out a change of address form.

Should I Get Insurance with Southern Harvest?

Southern Harvest has been providing inexpensive car insurance for Georgia drivers since 1984. With 23 convenient locations and the top companies to choose from, Southern Harvest is the easiest way to compare, find, and buy the coverage you need.

Compare auto, motorcycle, and renters insurance rates in Georgia online, over the phone, or at one of our offices near you.