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Flyin’ High with the Falcons: A Season to Swoop in on and Roadside Tips to Boot! 

Referee signals a touchdown at a football game - car insurance in Georgia

Well, howdy there, Atlanta pals and Falcon fanatics! Fans are itchin’ to know what’s in store for our beloved birdies this season. It’s shapin’ up to be a hoot and a holler! Not only are we gonna talk feathers and football, but you’ll also learn about roadside assistance and auto insurance. ’Cause if you’re plannin’ to hit the road with the Falcons, you best be prepared for any hiccups along the way this NFL season. 

Expected Falcon Flights and Fantasies 

This year, the Atlanta Falcons are stretchin’ their wings and preppin’ to soar. With some fresh talent and tried-and-true veterans, the squad’s lookin’ more balanced than a peach pie on a Sunday picnic table. Defense? Tighter than a new pair of boots. And offense? Slicker than butter on a hot biscuit. Expect plenty of thrills, spills, and hopefully, a journey that takes the team all the way to the playoffs and beyond! 

Speaking of which, here’s the schedule for the remainder of the season if you’re planning to buy game tickets: 

  •  11/26: New Orleans Saints 
  • 12/3: New York Jets 
  • 12/10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
  • 12/24: Indianapolis Colts 
  • 12/31: Chicago Bears 

Grabbin’ Those Golden Tickets 

Now, if y’all wanna cheer on the Falcons from the home nest, it’s pretty darn simple when it comes to tailgating safety: 

  • Official Site: Head on over to the Atlanta Falcons’ official website. They’ve got all the ticketing info, and it’s the most direct way to support our team. 
  • Secondary Ticket Platforms: Websites like Ticketmaster, StubHub, and SeatGeek are good spots to find tickets if the primary ones fly off the shelf. 
  • Local Outlets: Keep your eyes peeled when you’re walkin’ downtown. Sometimes local businesses partner up with the team to offer special deals or packages. Plus, supporting locals is always a win-win! 

And if you’re one of them adventurous types lookin’ to chase our Falcons on the road, well, the same ticket spots apply. Just make sure to pack your red and black and bring that Southern charm with you. 

Road Trippin’ with Roadside Assistance 

Alrighty, let’s shift gears a moment (pun intended). If you’re venturing out on the highways and byways, remember Murphy’s Law: if something can go wrong, it probably will. That’s why having a trusty roadside assistance plan is as crucial as a quarterback with a strong arm. 

  • Plan Ahead: Before you start your engine, check if your car insurance offers roadside assistance. 
  • Emergency Kit: Always pack a car emergency kit. Water, snacks (maybe some Georgia boiled peanuts?), jumper cables, flares, blankets, and a first-aid kit can be a lifesaver. 
  • Local Help: If you find yourself stranded in unfamiliar territory, ask locals for reputable mechanics or tow services. Southerners are known for their hospitality, after all! 

Soar This Season with Affordable Auto Insurance and Roadside Assistance

Alright, y’all, there you have it: a sneak peek into the Falcons’ season, a guide to grabbin’ tickets, and some roadside wisdom to boot! Get a quote today, speak with a Southern Harvest Insurance agent at (877) 831-4677, or visit a Georgia office near you.