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Roadside Assistance Coverage: Why Every Georgia Driver Needs It 

Mother and young son stand in front of car with hood up on side of the road - cheap roadside assistance in Georgia

It’s a good idea to have roadside assistance on your auto insurance policy. This is true whether you’re trying to coax a few more miles out of that, er, “classic” vehicle or you just drove your new car off the dealership lot. 

Roadside assistance means that all you have to do is call a toll-free number 24 hours a day—weekends and holidays included—to get help for whatever left you and your ride stranded on the side of a Georgia road, in a parking lot, or even in your own driveway. 

So What Does Roadside Assistance Cover in GA? 

Think of any reason you, your spouse, or perhaps your teenage driver might get stranded in a car. For example, a flat tire, a dead battery, or an unforeseen car repair that has you stopped on the road. With roadside assistance, you can call for free help from an expert. 

An automotive technician will show up day or night to deliver gas, charge a dead battery, change a tire, or tow your vehicle to a nearby service station—whatever assistance you need to get your car back in action. 

Here are four scenarios (among countless others) that illustrate how easy it can be to get stranded and how a roadside assistance technician will ride in like a superhero. 

“Ignore the Warning Light-We’ve Got Plenty of Gas” 

That gasoline warning light comes on way too early. You’ve still got miles and miles to go before you actually need to stop—right? Besides, you’re in a hurry and the nearest service station is out of your way. Or your teenage driver is out late, it’s nearly curfew, and a couple of gallons of gas isn’t in their budget anyway. 

Many drivers have had the embarrassment of getting caught at the side of the road with a perfectly healthy car that’s just thirsty for gasoline. Whatever the cause, a quick call to your roadside assistance dispatcher will get you help in the form of a service technician with a couple of gallons of gas. 

“What Did We Just Run Over?” 

Sometimes you know you’re in trouble even before your car shimmies and gets hard to steer and you must pull over with a flat. You just know that piece of mangled metal you ran over will cause big trouble. 

Other times, you’re driving on tires so bald that you’re not even surprised when you wake up to a flat in your driveway or a Savannah motel parking lot. 

Once again, roadside assistance comes to the rescue. Explain your situation and the technician called will either change the tire for you—even on the side of a busy Atlanta highway—or tow you to where you can buy a replacement. 

Smiling African American tow truck driver stands by open driver's door with car on back - cheap roadside assistance in Georgia

“The Keys Are… Where? 

It’s not your proudest moment, the day you lock your car keys in the ignition or the trunk of your car. Or maybe it’s your careless teen at fault. 

All is not lost. Just place a call to your roadside assistance dispatcher and you’ll get a locksmith sent your way who can quickly and painlessly get you back behind the wheel. 

“Of Course I Turned the Headlights Off, I’m Not Stupid!” 

Famous last words, right? Just before you come back to your car after several hours at the mall or the next morning and get that awful sound of silence or clicking when you turn the key in the ignition. 

Or maybe it’s an old battery that you knew was going to die eventually. The occasion when it does is usually during a heavy rainstorm, in the middle of congested traffic, or in a strange and desolate Georgia location where you don’t even want to think about being stranded. 

You need either a quick charge or a tow to a service garage. Either way, roadside assistance once again has your back. 

Okay, But What Does Roadside Assistance Cost? 

So now you’re convinced that you and your loved ones need this critical service. But it’s gotta be expensive and not in the budget, right? Roadside assistance is actually easy on the budget! You can get an effective roadside assistance benefit added to your auto insurance policy for less than $10 a month. Just one middle-of-the-night dispatcher call can pay for more than a year’s worth of coverage. 

If you’re looking for car insurance, consult an independent auto insurance agent. An independent agent represents multiple major insurers, so they can find you the most affordable coverage and the best deals on roadside assistance. 

Reach Out for Affordable Roadside Assistance Coverage 

You don’t want to realize you should have added roadside assistance to your policy while stranded with a dead car on the side of a desolate Georgia road or dangerously congested Atlanta highway. The time to act is before you need this valuable and cheap form of added coverage. That’s where we come in. 

Contact an independent Southern Harvest Insurance agent at (877) 831-4677. You can also get a quick online quote or find a Georgia office near you for a face-to-face chat.