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10 Insurance Tips to Protect Your New Car in Georgia 

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Guaranteeing your new car enjoys a long life requires extra attention and protection. Of course, you wouldn’t let just anyone drive it or park it out in the Georgia sun all day, so why be careless with other aspects of ownership? Investing time and money into preventive maintenance, regularly checking the fluids and tires, and following manufacturer recommendations for break-in periods — these are all steps to ensure your new car does not require costly repairs down the line.

Following these ten car insurance tips will protect your automobile, sanity, and bank account!

1. Maintain Your Vehicle Properly

Proper vehicle maintenance is kind of like a relationship. It’s easy and fun when you’re first getting to know each other, but as time goes on, it takes more patience, understanding, and work to keep things running smoothly. Sure, it may not be as exciting as a high-speed chase or an illegal street race, but ensuring that your vehicle is properly cared for can save you from costly breakdowns and repairs down the road. So don’t be the person who dumps their car after just a few interactions — take the plunge and commit to maintaining your ride!

2. Park Smart in Georgia

When it comes to your car’s safety, you’ve got to think outside the box, although, in this case, inside the box is probably a better idea! Shelter in the form of a covered space, like a garage or parking structure, can be a great way to shield your trusty vehicle from extreme Georgia temperatures and other malicious elements that lurk about. Your automobile will thank you for protecting it from unnecessary danger — unless, of course, it has more of an adventurous spirit.

3. Georgians Should Drive Mindfully

We all know the thrill of stepping on the gas pedal and feeling the speed accelerate. But it’s essential to remember that it’s a fleeting rush and means little if we can’t reach our final destination safely. That’s why it’s important to drive mindfully by avoiding speedy acceleration and hard braking. Doing so may not induce the same adrenaline rush, but at least you can reduce your chance of giving your mechanic a pile of extra work after an accident. Remember that the journey is just part (albeit probably the best part!) of the adventure. A smooth one counts more than a fast one!

4. Get Your Car Checked Regularly in GA

Taking your car in for regularly scheduled maintenance is a must — and don’t just take our word for it! Your owner’s manual has a legitimate opinion, too. You can trust that the manufacturer has a good idea of what you need to do and when you need to do it to keep your vehicle running well. So, ignore your intuition, stop listening to the guy at the gas station, and give that owner’s manual a read-through to ensure you’re up-to-date on all the service recommendations. Trust us — you’ll thank yourself later!

5. Invest in All-Season Tires for Georgia Winters

You don’t need us to tell you that Georgia summers can get hot. But, for better or worse, winters in our state are a real thing too. That’s why investing in all-season tires is a must. Sure, they might not be the fanciest of fancy, but they could be the difference between arriving at your destination on four wheels or sliding upside down into a ditch. And if you’re looking to save cash while still ensuring you don’t ride off into oblivion, why not give a set of all-season tires a whirl? It just might become your wildest seasonal ride yet!

rack of tires at a tire store

6. Fill Up with Gas Designed Specifically for Your Vehicle’s Make and Model

Filling up with gas that isn’t specified for your vehicle’s make and model is kind of like buying clothes that aren’t your size. With gas designed specifically for your vehicle, such as premium, you know exactly what you’re getting, so there won’t be any surprises when it comes to engine performance and running smoothly. So skip the generic fuel and get that custom-fit solution to keep your new car running like new.

7. Watch Out for Overuse of Heaters and Air Conditioners

It’s easy to overdo it when it comes to air conditioners and heaters — they’re like a box full of temptation, with the promise of comfort just waiting to be indulged. But don’t let those good feelings fool you: no matter how inviting the A/C or heater is, reigning in your usage can lead to savings in energy and prevent overuse of the system.

8. Install Windshield Wiper Fluid Additives for Better Visibility During Georgia Winters

Windshield wipers and their protective fluid are hardworking heroes during Georgia’s winter season. Without them, visibility would be nearly impossible during winter’s treacherous weather conditions. To keep these useful guardians functioning at peak performance, consider using windshield wiper fluid additives. Wiper fluid additives help guard your vision in many ways.

Consider it a coat to protect your windscreen — and its occupants — from the severe winter chill. The choices offered range from mild protection to icy-weather warriors who bravely battle the worst winter storm. It’s a simple endeavor, too! So don’t wait until zero visibility appears on the horizon — adding windshield wiper fluid additives now can keep every winter journey crystal clear.

9. Carry an Emergency Kit in Your Car for Georgia’s Hot and Cold Situations

While it’s impossible to prepare for every situation, it can’t hurt to stock your automobile with a few essentials in case of an emergency. An emergency kit is probably one of the most underrated things every driver should have to protect their new car. Think of it as your own personal knight in shining armor that’s always there for you when you’re out on the road. A good kit should include spare batteries so your electronic devices don’t die at an inopportune moment.

10. Keep Spare Keys

Keeping some spare keys around for your new car may seem unnecessary, but you’ll be glad you did it. Keep one in your house and one with a neighbor or family member — that way, if you ever lock yourself out of your vehicle (we’ve all been there!), you won’t be stuck waiting for AAA. Plus, it’s a great excuse to talk to the neighbors about how awesome your new ride is!

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