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Beat the Heat: Best Georgia Summer Getaways 

Georgia is a great state to call home. If you don’t always keep that in mind, you’re reminded every winter when your more northern-based friends and family start dropping hints for a visit invitation to the Peach State. 

You might notice, however, that you get fewer such requests in the summertime. With daily highs closing in at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit and dripping-wet humidity, Georgia summers leave families fantasizing about getting away to cooler regions. 

Stop fantasizing. Review your auto insurance policy, get in your car, set your GPS for adventure, and start driving. You don’t even have to leave your state’s borders before finding welcoming breezes, salty air, and comfortable temperatures. 

Maybe you’ll only get as far as the local pool (or the one in your own backyard), but that’s a great way to beat the heat, too. 

But let’s say you’re getting away. Whether you’re planning a one-week vacation with the family or a variety of romantic summer day trips in Georgia for two, there are plenty of in-state destinations to explore to stay cool. 

Discover the Refreshing Havens of North Georgia’s Waterfalls 

It’s a fact that, on average, the season gets hotter the further south you drive in the Peach State. So, a sensible direction to take your Georgia summer road trip is to the northern part of the state. Another reason that makes such good sense is that this is where you’ll find cooling waterfalls that virtually define heat relief. 

Waterfalls, from the inviting to the spectacular, dot the landscape in this part of the state. Even the names of our destinations sound exotic and welcoming: Cloudland Canyon, Tallulah Gorge, and Amicalola Falls (Cherokee for “tumbling waters”), among many others. 

Whether your goal is to get there by foot or by raft, just get there. Get as close to the falls as possible, and let these waters tumble all over you. Let the mist tickle, soothe and cool your skin. If the waters are calm enough, take a dip and get truly refreshed on even the hottest and longest days of your Georgia summer. 

Explore the Natural Cool of Georgia’s Caves 

Your unfinished basement will likely be the coolest part of your home this summer. But how much time do you want to spend there? Instead, travel to one of Georgia’s 513 known caves. Be sure to bring jackets and sweaters. It’s autumn down there until you stumble back up into the sudden and bright light. 

Want proof that the temperatures really do fall as you enter a Georgia cave or cavern? Consider Cave Spring in, appropriately, Cave Spring, near Rome, Georgia. Temps deep inside average about 57 F on an average summer day. That’s about the same temperature reading as a typical winter day in the state! 

The “caviest” of Georgia counties is Bartow, in the northwest tip of the state. Bartow and the eight counties clustered around it contain almost 450 of those 513 caves and caverns statewide. Some of the most popular around here include Pettijohn’s Cave and Ellison’s Cave in Walker County. Ellison’s Cave is among the deepest and longest in the United States. 

On a related note, want to know the difference between a cave and a cavern? A cavern is a particular type of cave that includes a special rock formation known as a speleothem. But both otherwise look pretty much the same. 

Unwind on the Tranquil Beaches of Georgia’s Coast 

Of course, you could book a flight to the Caribbean or drive to a Florida beach, but why? Exploring Georgia’s coastal beauty is within reach. Your own state has 100 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline to explore, after all. This includes 14 barrier islands, nine estuaries, and a lot of white sand. 

If you’ve saved up long enough for your in-state summer Georgia road trip, steer your car to Sea Island, one of the Golden Isles of Georgia. It includes a multi-award-winning resort with five miles of private beachfront. 

Beach and ocean One of the Golden Isles barrier islands off of Georgia - Cheap Auto Insurance in Georgia

Most of the Golden Isles, which also include St. Simon Island, Jekyll Island, and Little St. Simon Island, are accessible by car via the port city of Brunswick. Tybee Island, off the coast of Savannah, is one of the best and most popular beaches in Georgia. 

Seeking a bit more privacy than that? Cumberland Island has 17 miles of much quieter, white-sand beach to explore. 

In short, get in your car and head south until you see a large body of water. You’ll find more Georgia beaches than you could experience if you had all summer to do nothing but feel the sand in your toes and the ocean spray on your face. 

Lakes, Springs, and Other Relaxing Bodies of Water 

You don’t have to head south to find cold and inviting water in Georgia. In fact, the state has some 25,000 lakes and streams and 14 river basins. That means that wherever you live here, you don’t have far to drive to find welcoming bodies of water for swimming, fishing, boating, and delightful time-wasting. If you head to the pool, remember to keep summer pool safety tips top of mind. 

You’ll also find a bunch of natural springs here. These bodies of water, which start underground and bubble to the surface, are often clean, cold, and refreshing enough to drink from the palms of your hands. 

Radium Springs, in Albany, to the south, is known as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia and is the largest spring in the state. It pumps 70,000 crystal-clear gallons of water to the surface every minute out of an underground cave. 

With more than 60 state parks and 11 national parks dotting the state, you’re sure to find a river, lake, stream, or natural spring to satisfy all your cool water sports entertainment goals for a summer day trip or a weeklong stay. 

Add Some Splash to Your Trip With Water Parks Galore 

Often, your dream of the ideal Georgia summer road trip is relaxation. But other times, that’s the last thing on your mind. Maybe instead, your family is hoping for crashing waves and wildly spinning boats, steep drops, and the threat of being dashed against boulders the size of houses. 

In other words, you and your loved ones crave a death-defying water park adventure — or, more likely, an afternoon in the sun and mist that seems more dangerous than it really is. You’re in luck. You’ll find water park adventures in just about every corner of the state. Some Georgia favorites include: 

  • Six Flags White Water and Hurricane Harbor, both part of Six Flags Over Georgia near Marietta. 
  • Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park & Resort, 14 miles north of Atlanta in LaGrange. 
  • Helen Tubing and Water Park, taking on the Chattahoochee River in outdoorsy Helen in the North Georgia Mountains. 
  • Summer Waves Water Park on made-for-summer Jekyll Island. 
  • Wild Adventures, a combination water park and animal park in Valdosta. 

Just remember, wherever your GPS takes you this summer, you and the kids can’t get too hot, sweaty, and bothered when you’re going from thrill ride to thrill ride in sopping wet bathing suits. 

Protect Yourself on Your Summer Georgia Road Trip With the Right Insurance Coverage

In addition to shorts, sunglasses, and suntan lotion, you’ll need the assurance that you’ll get where you’re headed this summer in your search for cooling breezes. Your Southern Harvest auto insurance agent can help you find the most affordable coverage with the benefits you’ll need, including roadside assistance, to keep you and your loved ones safe and financially secure. 

Call Southern Harvest Insurance at (877) 831-4677. Or get a quick quote online. You can also find a nearby Southern Harvest Insurance office wherever you live in the Peach State. Stop here first before hitting the road (or many roads) for cool adventures this summer.