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Everything You Need to Know About SR-22 Insurance in Georgia

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Have you recently received a very serious-sounding letter from the court system or the Georgia Department of Driver Services (GDDS)? Have you been told you must file an SR-22 with the state to continue driving legally? 

What does that mean? You’ve got lots of SR-22 questions, and we’ve got answers. Let’s get into the facts. 

What Is SR-22 Insurance? 

It’s actually not insurance at all. An SR-22 is documentation filed with the State of Georgia that verifies you’ve obtained at least the required minimum auto insurance coverage or liability auto insurance. 

You need to file this paperwork because the state now thinks you are a high-risk driver who may consider driving without insurance at all. 

Why Do I Need SR-22 Insurance? 

You’ve been declared a high-risk driver. This could be because you got a DUI conviction, but many other moving violations may also result in the requirement to file an SR-22. It could be for driving under suspension, driving recklessly or well above the posted speed limit, or being responsible for a serious collision, such as one that caused injuries. 

In short, you could be required to obtain an SR-22 for any driving offense that makes you a high-risk driver in the view of the State of Georgia. 

Can I Drive With SR-22 Insurance? 

Yes! That’s the good news. While SR-22 coverage is more expensive than a standard policy, at least you can continue to drive. That means you can get to and from work and take care of your family and other responsibilities. 

How Long Will I Need SR-22 Insurance? 

For three years, generally. But be careful. If you are again convicted of a serious moving violation during this time or you let your insurance lapse for even one day, the judge might restart the clock to a fresh three years. 

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How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost? 

It’s just like auto insurance, except that you’re considered to be a high-risk driver so it’s going to cost more. This means your minimal coverage will likely cost double or even triple than you’ve paid for auto insurance before. 

How much more it costs depends on the coverage you’re able to obtain. Your auto insurance agent should be able to help you find the most affordable coverage possible, especially if they can shop and select from multiple insurers who work with high-risk drivers. 

Am I Able to Drive a Company Vehicle With an SR-22? 

That’s up to your employer. Because you have an SR-22, many employers will not let you get behind the wheel. And the offense that resulted in the SR-22 filing requirement could make you ineligible to drive a commercial vehicle. 

What if I Drive Without SR-22 Insurance? 

If the state requires that you get an SR-22 to drive, stay off the road if you fail to get and maintain coverage. If you don’t have an SR-22, it’s the same as driving without insurance. Those fines can start at $1,000 and escalate with additional convictions. Jail time and other penalties can also result. 

In addition, you may need to hire a lawyer and pay court costs. The bottom line is that it will get more expensive quickly if you ignore the requirement to get SR-22 insurance. 

How Do I Get SR-22 Coverage? 

That’s the easiest SR-22 question to answer. Simply reach out to any auto insurance agent who is willing to offer liability coverage for high-risk drivers. 

Not every insurance carrier handles the needs of high-risk motorists. Independent auto insurance agents are likelier to be able to do that for you. That’s because independent agents have contractual relationships with numerous insurers, some of which will be able to sell you liability coverage at competitive rates. 

Your agent will then file your SR-22 with the State of Georgia, proving that you’ve obtained coverage and can legally drive. 

Find Cheap DUI insurance in Georgia Today 

The requirement to get an SR-22 is never a ruling Georgia motorists want to hear. However, your independent auto insurance agent can help you file your SR-22 and get the lowest rates possible for the coverage you need. 

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