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6 Car Insurance Tips Every Southerner Should Know

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Georgia drivers have a variety of options for finding the best and cheapest possible car insurance rates. We understand that you have a limited budget for car insurance, and we’ll work with you to help you maintain the lowest possible rates. When you live in the southern United States, there are numerous steps you can take to lower your Georgia insurance rate. You can save quite a bit of money, whether you’re spending some time asking your insurer about discounts and determining what you qualify for, taking a defensive driving course, or submitting a copy of your student’s report card.

When it’s time to shop for car insurance, put this list of tips for saving money on affordable Georgia car insurance to work for you. 

Look for Common Discounts on Auto Insurance

As you purchase cheap auto insurance in Georgia, you may be eligible for one or more common discounts. These discounts can help lower the overall cost of your car insurance, making it more affordable to obtain the best possible policy.

There are numerous common discounts offered by insurance companies, including the following: 

  • Anti-theft Devices: Having anti-theft devices installed in your vehicles can lead to lower rates. These devices make it easier to recover a stolen vehicle, and most companies are happy to pass a portion of this savings down to their customers. 
  • Bundle Coverage: Purchasing your home insurance, automobile insurance, and any other insurance you need from a single company can help lower insurance rates overall. 
  • Drivers Ed Courses: Making sure that any teen drivers in the family have taken driver education classes, either through their school or privately, can dramatically reduce your insurance rates. 
  • Long-Time Customer: The longer you remain a customer with a particular insurance company, the more discounts you may receive. 
  • More than One Car: Families that insure more than one vehicle with one insurance company will likely get a lower rate on their car insurance. 
  • No Accidents in Three Years: Limiting the number of accidents you have will keep your insurance rates low. 
  • No Moving Violations in Three Years: Limiting your number of moving violations will keep your insurance rates low. 
  • Student Drivers with Good Grades: Teenage drivers in your home who maintain an excellent GPA can save your family money on your overall car insurance bill. Your car insurance company will likely request a copy of their report card or transcript to document their achievement and will apply the discount each semester after they receive a copy of the grades. 

Pay Careful Attention When Driving

Each time you get in the car, be sure to pay careful attention. Distracted driving is the cause of many accidents each year and will only lead to increased car insurance rates. Be sure you’re entirely focused on the task at hand and not smoking, eating, or texting. Make sure you’ve had enough sleep and that you’re in a fit emotional state to be behind the wheel. Avoid driving if you’re arguing, sleep-deprived, or have another reason that you’re struggling to pay attention. Also, make sure you are up to date on Georgia’s auto laws. 

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Consider a Defensive Driving Course 

If your Georgia insurance rates are higher than you’d like, it may be time to consider a defensive driving course. In many situations, providing proof that you’ve taken a defensive driving class may set you up for a healthy discount on your insurance rates. This is especially true if you, or a driver covered on your policy, have a less than perfect driving record.

As you look for cheap car insurance in Georgia, this is one easy way to make a dramatic difference. You’ll wind up paying a lower rate, and you’ll also have better driving skills. This can also be a great option to help teenagers lower their insurance rates, as well. 

Improve Your Credit

Another relatively simple way to lower your Georgia insurance rates is to work on improving your credit. This may take some time, but as you see your credit score go up, you’ll likely see your insurance rates go down. In addition, you’ll gain the other benefits that go along with improved credit, such as the ability to take out loans more easily.  

Car insurance companies pay careful attention to your credit score, and they may offer you a discount as soon as your score makes a noticeable change. Pull free copies of your credit report on a regular basis to monitor the improvements you’re making throughout the year. 

Reduce Coverage on Older Vehicles 

Individuals who own older vehicles may be able to dramatically lower their insurance rates by reducing the amount of coverage they’re carrying. In some cases, it may be less expensive to replace the vehicle than to repair it, and your insurance company knows this.

Reducing coverage on older cars and trucks can help you meet your goal of cheap car insurance in Georgia. Higher deductibles are another way to lower your insurance rates in a similar fashion. There’s less risk for your insurance company, so your entire car insurance policy becomes less expensive. 

Do Away with Snail Mail

In some situations, you may be able to obtain a better rate on your insurance in Georgia by signing up for online billing and paying. It not only will help save trees, but it’s faster and saves your insurance company money – savings they might be happy to pass on to you. Additionally, you may be able to find a discount by paying your entire premium upfront, instead of spacing it out monthly.

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