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How Can I Lower the Price of My Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia?

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When you ride a motorcycle, it’s important to have the best possible insurance, and it’s necessary to have insurance legally to ride your bike. It’s also vital that you stick to your household budget so that you can continue to make progress toward your financial goals. Luckily, there may be some ways to lower the price of your motorcycle insurance in Georgia without compromising on the quality of coverage. 

Will Increasing My Deductible Lower the Price of My Motorcycle Insurance?

Increasing your deductible is one easy way to lower the monthly price of your motorcycle insurance in Georgia. However, raising your deductible does mean that if you get in an accident, you’ll have to pay more out of pocket to file a claim. Be sure you don’t raise the deductible beyond an amount you can afford to pay if you’re in an accident, as this amount is what you will be responsible for out of pocket. 

Can Combining My Policies Give Me a Lower Price?

If you have more than one vehicle, or a vehicle and a home, it may make sense to bundle all of your insurance policies with a single company. Doing so will allow you to obtain the best rate on low-cost motorcycle insurance in Georgia. Speak to your insurance company about the advantages of bundling to see if doing so will save you money on your motorcycle insurance and possibly on your car and home insurance, as well. Combining your policies is advantageous to your insurance company, so they’re usually very willing to offer you a bundled policy. 

Will Taking a Motorcycle Certification Class Lower My Overall Rate?

When you’re trying to obtain cheap motorcycle insurance in Georgia, one easy way to do so is to take a motorcycle certification class. These classes are taught by licensed professionals, and once you’ve completed one, you’ll be able to apply for a safe rider discount on your insurance. This will lower your overall insurance rate and is well worth the investment. 

Can I Reduce the Rate I Pay for Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia by Increasing Security?

Another way to reduce the amount you pay for your motorcycle insurance policy is by increasing security around your bike. If you keep your bike locked in a garage, or if it’s being protected by a security system or alarm, then you’ll be able to document this for your insurer. This will likely make you eligible for a discount on your motorcycle insurance. Covering your bike may also provide you with a discount. Doing so helps dramatically limit the potential for damage, so insurers may add a discount to your policy. 

Will Switching Bikes Help Lower My Rate?

The type of motorcycle you drive may also dramatically increase or lower the insurance rate you pay. If you drive a small, zippy street bike, you may find that you pay far more than your friends who drive larger, slower bikes. Switching bikes may help reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance in Georgia. Speak to your insurance agent to learn more about various makes and models of motorcycles and which bikes can be insured for the cheapest rates. Then you can decide if it’s worth it to you to consider switching bikes. 

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What Will Limiting My Mileage Do to My Overall Insurance Rate in GA?

Another option for lowering your motorcycle insurance rate is to limit how often you drive your bike. If you aren’t driving your bike daily, and you only take it out a few times a year when the weather is great for rides down twisty back roads, let your insurance agent know this information. It may help you obtain a substantial discount on your motorcycle insurance policy. On the other hand, if you ride your bike daily, you’ll likely pay a daily commuter rate. Either way, be sure to talk to your agent about how much you ride your bike so they can set your insurance plan up appropriately. 

Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance Today! 

When it’s time to lower the price of your motorcycle insurance, reach out to our friendly professionals for an online quote. Call us at 877-831-4677 or visit us at a location near you. Our insurance specialists will have you up and running with a new, affordable motorcycle insurance policy in no time at all.