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4 Essential Tips for Driving in the Rain in Georgia

Driving in the rain provides an extra set of dangers on the road in any state, but the epic downpours of Georgia can be especially heavy and hard. Learning some helpful tips can result in fewer accidents, which results in your insurance rates staying level. 

This article covers the four most important tips for how to handle driving in the rain in the Peach State. 

1. Slow Down 

It’s as simple as that — lower speed means more reaction time, less dangerous collisions, and better visibility (without rain pummeling your windshield quite so hard). 

Speed limits are important, but remember that speed limits are designed for clear conditions. When it’s raining, a 65 MPH highway may turn into a 40 MPH zone. 

Driving more slowly decreases your risk of rear-ending someone or being involved in an accident. This is not only important for your safety—it will also save you a huge financial headache. Make sure to carry excellent car insurance to protect you when driving in suboptimal conditions. 

2. Increase Braking Distance 

Reaction time is everything, and if that car ahead of you slams on the brakes, you need to be able to avoid hitting them. Wet roads mean twice the normal stopping distance. 

person driving car while it's raining

3. Be Aware of Hydroplaning 

Hydroplaning is when your tires start to skim across sitting water on the road instead of connecting with the asphalt underneath. Much like water skis, your car can begin to drift over puddles and slide off the road. Once you’re hydroplaning, you have no control over your vehicle. 

All it takes is going at least 35 MPH over 1/12th of an inch of standing water. The effect is worse if your high wear on your tires. Avoid hydroplaning by slowing down and avoiding standing water when possible. 

Hydroplaning is scary, but not being covered by the proper insurance can be even scarier. Make sure you are covered for all eventualities.  

4. Turn on Your Headlights 

Headlights make you visible to other drivers — it’s amazing how camouflaged an otherwise bright car can become in the rain! Did you know that Georgia law requires you to turn on your lights in the rain? You are also required to carry, at a minimum, liability insurance in Georgia. 

Driving Safely in the Rain in Georgia

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