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Steer Clear of Road Rage: Driving While Mad in Georgia

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You and that other driver merged messily onto a congested Georgia highway—or clashed on a lonely patch of backroad where law enforcement is rarely seen. It’s hard to remember who made the first wrong move, but now you’re shaking your fists at each other, slamming on the brakes and gunning engines. Both of you are refusing to back down. 

Watch out! At the very least, aggressive driving brought on by road rage can result in costly accidents or moving violations that jack up auto insurance rates. 

But the situation could get a whole lot worse than that. Let’s take a closer look at the threat, the possible costs, and some easy ways to avoid the increasingly common threat of road rage. 

What Is Road Rage in Georgia? 

Just like it sounds, it’s when two or more drivers take issue with one another while behind the wheel and respond in dangerous ways. Maybe one driver feels that the other cut them off by merging into their lane too sharply or was driving too fast or too slow or too aggressively. 

It might start with the actions of a driver who’s already in a very bad mood. Or one who thinks an attack on another driver will impress a passenger. Maybe, even more chillingly, it’s a situation where a minor driving miscue gets blown out of proportion by a driver with a gun who’s eager to use it. 

Whatever the root cause, road rage can build quickly, especially if both drivers react with equally angry and irresponsible actions that can lead to criminal offenses. 

That’s why we offer the following tips to avoid the threat of road rage. 

Forgive and Forget (Or at Least Ignore) 

At some point in the past, you’ve been distracted while driving on a Georgia road. Maybe you drifted into another lane while texting, neglected to signal, drove too slowly looking for an address or intersection, or lost a driver in a blind spot behind you. 

It’s not deliberate. Just stupid driving. When you’re the victim the next time, go ahead and roll your eyes. Mutter under your breath. But don’t flip the offending driver off or get payback by driving just as recklessly. 

Which gets us to our next point. 

Don’t Escalate Road Rage 

Sometimes, the other driver’s mistake isn’t accidental. They deliberately cut you off or brake check, so you have to do the same. Then flip you off as your tires squeal. 

You strike back by driving faster and swerving into their lane. If you’re lucky, the other driver will back down. But don’t count on it. They’re itching for a fight. Maybe they’re drunk, high, or just ornery. And it’s very possible they’re carrying a gun. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Road and All Fingers on the Wheel 

Are you looking for trouble? If you are, you’ll likely find it on a congested city street or highway that puts everyone in poor spirits or on a lonely road where police assistance isn’t readily available. 

Eye contact with an offending driver is sometimes all it takes to trigger a road rage encounter. Or maybe you’re the one who’d react negatively to a smirk, a frown, or a middle finger extension. 

Why take the risk? Keep your eyes and thoughts on the road and stay safe. There could be innocent children in the other car. 

Woman honking horn in road rage incident - cheap car insurance in Georgia

Think 911, Not Revenge 

Maybe you already made the mistake of escalating an encounter. Or the other driver wants a fight and is determined to get it. Things are going south quickly. 

If you were Jason Statham or The Rock, you’d take matters into your own hands. But real life is different. People get seriously injured or killed behind the wheel in road rage incidents. Keep your fully charged phone near at hand and plug in the digits 911 as soon as the situation gets serious. You don’t necessarily need to press “send” if you think the action will go away without intervention, but stay prepared. 

Know the nearest intersection, mile marker, or landmark so you can explain as clearly as possible where you are, and calmly report the threat to the dispatcher. Describe the other vehicle and get the license plate if possible. 

Bottom line, let the experts intervene long before the road gets dangerously hostile. 

Make Sure Your Auto Insurance Protects Against Road Rage 

In Georgia, the driver responsible for a road collision pays for all covered damages. That party is you if the courts identify you as the aggressive driver primarily responsible for the collision and criminal offenses. 

But even if another motorist caused the damage, it doesn’t help your finances if it was a hit-and-run case; or the responsible driver has no insurance or not enough insurance to cover the damages. 

Talk to your car insurance agent about upgrading to a policy that includes collision and comprehensive coverage. Consider further safeguarding your wallet with benefits that cover damages caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers and hit-and-run violators. 

Road rage affects your driving skills. It makes your brain focus on retribution rather than on the road ahead and its usual threats. Don’t be a victim, whether you or the other driver started the encounter. 

Reach Out for Affordable Car Insurance in Georgia and Avoid Road Rage 

The small degree of satisfaction you get from a one-finger salute or quick swerve isn’t worth a possibly expensive or even fatal accident. Take a few deep breaths to relax and keep your eyes on the road. 

Contact Southern Harvest Insurance to find out more about ultimate protection against other drivers’ bad decisions. Your independent Southern Harvest Insurance agent can offer affordable coverage to protect your finances against the damages road rage can cause. 

Call us at (877) 831-4677. You can also get a quick online quote or find a Georgia office near you to chat with one of our knowledgeable agents.