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5 of the Best Hikes in Georgia for Celebrating Valentine’s Day 

Young couple hugging by stream during hike, cheap car insurance in Georgia.

In Georgia and around the world, Valentine’s Day is a time for romance. Candlelit dining, flowers, and a box of expensive chocolates certainly set the scene. But why not celebrate with a hand-holding day (or weekend) of hiking? After all, Georgia temperatures are in at least the 50s through most of the state by mid-February and well into the 60s as you proceed south… the perfect weather for a hike! 

Since most of these trips will require driving, it’s a great time to review your auto insurance to be confident you can trust your coverage during your trip. Then take off. 

Top Four Hiking Destinations in Georgia Plus One in Tennessee 

Here are four Georgia hikes and one from Tennessee that meet our high standards for popular Georgia road trips in the Peach State (and nearby).  

1. Cloudland Canyon 

We start with this one for the name, among other factors. You know you’re in for a romantic adventure when your destination is known as Cloudland. 

You won’t be disappointed. Cloudland Canyon State Park is located at the western edge of Lookout Mountain, making it only a two-hour drive from Atlanta. You’ve got caves and cliffs to scope out, and you’ll overlook canyon floors at thousand-foot drops. You and your romantic partner are truly in the clouds here — or it will, at least, feel that way. 

2. Yonah Mountain Trail 

The Yonah Mountain Range is in the pristine wilderness of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in northern Georgia. There are plenty of trails to consider here, but the moderately challenging Yonah Mountain Trail will get you from ground level to the mountain summit in just a two-mile ramble. It’s a scenic afternoon traipse through carpets of wildflowers. 

You’ll get a workout on this sometimes-steep trail, but you’ll still have time (and appetite) for a romantic candlelight dinner that night. 

An overlook at Blood Mountain, Georgia - cheap car insurance in Georgia.

3. Panther Creek Trails 

How about making it an overnight or weekend adventure? You’ll find Panther Creek State Park in the Cherokee Reservoir in East Tennessee, a six-hour drive if you’re proceeding from northern Georgia. 

The reason you might consider this trip is that Panther Creek offers 17 trails. So, you can find the one that best reflects your desired level of difficulty and what you’d like to see on the way. Take Point Lookout Trail, for instance. At 1,460 feet above sea level, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of the Cumberland Mountains and Cherokee Lake far below. 

4. Blood Mountain Loop 

You might be hesitant to hike in Georgia on any trail with the word “blood” in the name. And we understand your concern, but don’t let the word scare you. The Blood Mountain Loop is a rewarding 6-mile stretch that will take you there and back up high on the Appalachian Trail in the Blood Mountain Wilderness. 

One theory of the name is that what is now Blood Mountain was the site of a ferocious battle between Indian tribes before pioneers settled here. A less dramatic explanation is that the name involves the ground cover color here. 

5. Sandpiper, Avian, and Big Ferry Trails Loop 

Not all the best hikes in Georgia take place high in the mountains. Sandpiper, Avian, and Big Ferry Trails Loop are located in Skidaway Island State Park, 12 miles from Savannah.  The appeal here is the February weather (mild) and the easy 4.2-mile loop. 

You’ll share the route with runners, bikers, and bird watchers. There is a vehicle fee for entering the island, which is open year-round. The wildflower display is stunning here. 

Before You Hit Any Trail, Review Your Policy 

If your Valentine’s Day plans include hiking in Georgia, you might easily end up on remote or obscure country roads in a beautiful but sparsely populated part of the country. It’s no place for a car breakdown, so it’s important to prepare for a spring road trip. 

No matter where you head in the Peach State for this romantic occasion, your 24/7 roadside assistance coverage will get you the help you need. 

This might include a couple of gallons of gas, a tire change, a battery charge, or a tow to the nearest service garage. 

Find Affordable Car Insurance Before You Hit the Road for Valentine’s Day

We wish you a spectacular and romance-enhancing Valentine’s Day Georgia hike. But before you set off, reach out to your independent Southern Harvest Insurance agent for help reviewing and upgrading your auto insurance policy. 

Call us at (877) 831-4677 or find a Georgia office near you. You can also get a car insurance quote online.