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Summer Road Safety Tips

Clean windshield
According to the American Automobile Association, the 100 days after Memorial Day are among the most deadly on the road. Following safe driving techniques can help keep you safe on the road this summer. These tips will help you avoid injuries or accidents, maintain a good driving record, and keep your insurance premiums at a manageable level.  

Exchange Flip-Flops for Safe Shoes

Flip-flops can easily get caught under a brake pedal or an accelerator pedal, which can cause accidents on the road. Before getting behind the wheel, exchange your flip-flops for a pair of sneakers. If you have an old pair of sneakers that you no longer wear, you can leave these shoes in your car for this purpose.  

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just fashionable; they're also important for cutting back glare. Wear dark sunglasses any time you're driving in sunlight, and leave sunglasses in your car for easy access. If you wear prescription glasses, get a pair of prescription sunglasses as well.  

Keep Your Windshield Clean

Windshields can get buggy, especially in the summer when insects are abundant. The more insects build up on the windshield, the harder it is to see the road properly. Keep your windshield free from bugs by cleaning it with a squeegee at gas stations. Check your washer fluid level on a regular basis, and refill it as needed. This way you'll be able to clean your windshield while you're on the road. 

Keep Water in the Vehicle

Hopefully, you keep a variety of personal safety items in your car at all times. The most important personal safety item on a hot summer day is often water. Keep fresh water in your trunk or in the back seat of your car. If you should happen to use the water, refresh the supply.  

Never Leave Children or Pets in a Parked Vehicle

You've probably heard this before, but parked cars can get deadly hot very quickly. When the temperature outside reaches 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car can reach as high as 172. A child or animal left in a parked car for any period of time could be in serious danger. Never leave your child or pet in a parked car, even just for a minute.
Keep in mind that sometimes accidents happen when parents forget they are transporting a quiet child from one place to another. If you regularly transport your children to daycare or a preschool, develop a method of reminding yourself that your child is in the car. To do this, you might put your purse in the back seat next to your child or download an app that will remind you to take your child out of the car when you stop driving.  

Maintain a Safe Distance

Maintaining a safe distance can be difficult on high-traffic days like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. If you're not sure whether or not you're maintaining a safe distance from drivers in front of you, remember the two-second rule. Choose an object on the landscape. When the car in front of you passes that object, count two seconds. If you pass that same object before two seconds has passed, you're following too closely. 

Check Your Insurance Coverage

If you're planning to drive a lot this summer, check your insurance coverage to be sure that you're insured at levels that match your needs. Carrying adequate insurance on your vehicle can help protect you from financial liability in the event of an accident.
For more information about driving safely this summer, contact Southern Harvest Insurance Agency. We're happy to answer your questions and give you advice to help you stay safe. 


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